we do it with style

Providing quality drinks for your guests should be easy. We work closely with each of our clients to create custom menus and pricing to ensure all your needs are met.

what is included:

Bar rental
Stainless steel ice well, speed rail
Bar fridge/bar freezer
Event cooler
Biodegradable cups & straws
Fresh Juices for cocktails
Handmade specialty cocktail mixes
Fruits & herbs
Unlimited amount of non-alcoholic drinks
Bar decor
Bins for: garbage, recycle, compost.
Bartending tools
Friendly and professional bartenders

pricing example

Our prices are built based on the total guest number, hours of service, bartending and prep labour cost.

taxes, gratuity and alcohol are not included

20-35 people

$475 - $675

1 bartender

5-hours of bar service

3-hours of set-up & tear down

5-hours of prep labour

40 - 95 people


2 bartenders

5-hours of service

4-hours of setup & tear down

7-10 hours of prep labour

100-300 people


2+ bartenders

1+ back-up, busser

6- hours of bar service

4-hours set-up & tear down 

10-12 hours of prep labour