That’s a wrap on Part I of CRIMSON CANTEEN—a Taiwanese night-market inspired pop-up food phenomenon that delivered a galvanizing cornucopia of lascivious nourishment to over 70 patrons at saporous Chinatown fixture, Rhinofish Noodle Bar. The evening harnessed the talents of two wondrous wunderkinds—The Wu Brothers—Vancouver’s Dumpling King Matt Murtagh-Wu, and Taiwanese Chef David Wu. Having sworn allegiance to the amicably arcane [and dangerously concupiscent] cuisine of Taiwan, CRIMSON CANTEEN manifested itself as an evening of gluttonous [and drunken] revelling.

Just like all Curatorialist events, CRIMSON CANTEEN was made possible thanks to the collective toil of passionate and dedicated bon vivants who work in the food and creative industries. Our heartfelt thanks goes to Chefs Andrew Song, Eric Cheng and Bobby Nunez of Coastal Cocktails, alongside Rhinofish Noodle Bar’s [life-saving] incumbent staff, comprised of Adam SchmidtAlicia ZengKendra HerrinEric Chen and the perennially youthful spirit, Mrs. Pin Lin. Also, a special thanks to Jovia Pang for her perplexingly flavourful, silky smooth ice-cream that cold-kissed the fat laden tongues of our loyal patrons.

We’ll continue to gild the lily, and satisfy hungry minds. Tune in for the next pop-up food phenomenon in April.

Hot Spring Eggs | Apple & pear Relish & grated katsumi

Big Sausage Hugs Small Sausage | Taiwanese sausage, sticky bun, soy glaze

Rice-In-Bone-Out Chicken Wings

The Taiwanese Hot Pocket | Mung bean noodles, egg, chinkiang vinegar

David, Matt.

The Dumpling King’s signature Wun Tuns with Auntie Mena’s chili oil


Linda, Adam.


Also Eric.


Rou Zao Mian à la Veg | minced tofu, chives, bean sprouts, grated karasumi


Taipei Taro Gravy Fries | Shiitake & smoked tea gravy

Lu Rou Fan [Braised Pork Belly]