Frequently Asked Questions

No, Coastal Cocktails does not sell alcohol. We serve alcohol for you that has been purchased by you. We are licensed to provide alcohol delivery / return service for an additional charge.

We arrive with a professional bar station, bar staff, coolers, fridges, ice, biodegradable cups and all the barware needed to create delicious cocktails. We provide everything except the alcohol. We also provide our clients with a “shopping list” covering how much alcohol we need to make your feature cocktails

The quick answer is NO, we need to charge for everyone. There are 2 main reasons why we charge what we charge:

1) Even though you think that your Aunt Karen won’t be drinking, you will soon find she changes her mind pretty quickly when she sees an entirely FREE and Unlimited craft cocktail bar on offer. Something which would normally range between $13 - $17 PER DRINK.

2) The people who are not drinking will still have access to water, lemonade, coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, ginger beer (in some cases), club soda, tonic and of course, mocktails! We will still be using all of our delicious fresh ingredients and syrups in these drinks and garnishing wth fresh fruit, just minus the alcohol.

Our bars are legit! We are known for building a full functional bar area pretty much anywhere. They have lights, back bar area for stock, garbage stations, coolers and more. All that takes space to set up. We require a clear area of at least 10x10 feet for a quick set up

We’ve got you covered! When we finalize the details for your event, we’ll help you determine how much alcohol is needed to ensure the bar doesn’t run dry. Keep the receipt!!! You can return any unopened bottles after the event. We are licensed to provide alcohol delivery / return service for an additional charge.

We only take on events that are centred around a feature cocktail menu. We’re happy to serve beer, wine, bubbles… you name it! so long as there are proper cocktails being served. Cocktails are our game.

Our ideal shift on-site is 8 hours total. We ordinarily take 3 hours to set-up and teardown ( depending on accessibility ), leaving a 5 hour service window for serving drinks. You may cut or extend the service window to your liking. All on-site labour after the initial 8 is charged at an x1.5 overtime rate.

We generally use biodegradable or recyclable cups for events. Glassware is an entirely different beast. We are more than happy to use glassware if you like, but please note that you will need to factor in the following:

1) The extra cost of glassware rental ( we can assist with your rental order )
2) The extra cost of additional staff to bus discarded glasses / wash / reset glasses etc.
3) Additional space to store all of the 3'x3' plastic racks the glasses come in
4) Any additional fees tacked on by the rental company for missing or broken glasses
5) Delivery/ Pick-up charges
6) Potential additional charges for late night pickups. ***Ask your venue if they can do Sunday pickups. Sometimes they can't, so the rental company has to come at 2am to pick-up, which can be quite pricey.

We do not include gratuity in the price. We put tip jars out as a standard. If you do not want tip jars out, we will charge an autogratuity - 15% of the total price.

Every event is different and there are a lot of details that we need to confirm during our initial consultation phone call.

We know that you might just want a rough idea about the pricing. So here is an example. Jane and Mike are getting married. There will be 100 people at their celebration. They chose three feature cocktails to be served for 5 hours along with beer, wine and highballs. There will be 2 bartenders working 8 hour shift each. We also charge for prep labour hours. Their bill would be $1900 before tax and does not include liquor or gratuity

Wherever you want! We charge $0.58/km for any locations that are 50 km outside of the central Metro Vancouver area. (as per the CRA’ 2019 Standard Rates and Milage Report).

A 50% deposit of the quoted price must be made to reserve the date and lock in your event. You may cancel up to one month before the event and receive a full refund ( minus service fees of $100.00 ). If you cancel within 30 days of your event the deposit is non-refundable.

You only need a “Special Event Permit” if you intend on selling drinks at your event. If you are throwing a private event with an open bar, you most likely DO NOT need a SEP. We will be able to let you know if your party requires a SEP. If it does, we will help you obtain one. The SEP must be held in the name of the host of the event.